Asma Muftah AlGhanem
Advocates and Legal Consultants

We look forward to achieving the best level in the legal services provided by the office through a specialized cadre with years of experience and competence, believing in sincerity and dedication to work, and belief in a culture of teamwork and team spirit.









About us

Asma Muftah Al-Ghanem Advocates and Legal Consultants was established in 2016 as a legal centre that provides various legal services in the state of Qatar, including providing legal opinion and advice to individuals, companies, private and governmental institutions, in addition to representing litigants in front of Qatari courts.

We aim to achieve the best level in legal services that the office provides through a dedicated staff that holds years of experience and competence, believing in sincerity and dedication to work, and faith in a culture of teamwork and team spirit.

Our office in Qatar operates regionally & internationally, with a vast network of law firms across the whole Arab Gulf states, as well as our partners in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Arab Republic of Egypt, Republic of Turkey, United Kingdom and Italy until we reached Singapore, China and India.

Legal Services

Asma Muftah Al-Ghanem Advocates and Legal Consultants

works on diversified legal areas such as

Representing individuals and companies before the Qatari courts at any stage of a dispute in divers matters and complex across a range of sectors.

Representing individuals, corporations, governmental and non-governmental bodies in front of domestic and international arbitration bodies, including Ad Hoc arbitration, institutional arbitration, and sports arbitration.

Legal supervision of conducting deals and finalization of contracts between the state entities and international companies.

Offering a wide range of legal services in the financial and banking sectors with tailor-made solutions for our clients, in addition to providing legal services in various insurance and reinsurance matters.

Advising our clients in drafting and reviewing all kinds of contracts.

Assisting our clients in finalizing the procedures of establishing all types of commercial companies.

Offering legal advises on preserving intellectual property rights such as: trademark registration, trademark litigation, copy right infringement, patent law and design rights and more.


Practice areas

The office provides legal services in various activities that need

to have knowledge and experience of legal systems and rules


General Litigation Practice

( Alternative Dispute Resolution and Litigation ,Administrative and Public Law ,Building and Construction Disputes ,Commercial and Companies Litigation ,Compliance and Corporate Governance ,Real Estate and Infrastructure Disputes ,Hotels and hospitality ,Civil Law ,Healthcare Law ,Telecommunications Law ,Employment law ,Criminal Law ,Family Law ,Cybercrime Law ,Rental Dispute Resolution Law ,Debt Collection )


Corporate and Legal Advises

( Banking Law ,Compliance and Corporate Governance ,Consumer Protection Law ,Corporate Law ,Cybercrime Law ,Intellectual Property Law ,Insurance Law ,Tax Law ,Mergers and acquisitions )



( Sports arbitration ,Ad Hoc arbitration ,Institutional arbitration )

Our team

Asma Muftah Al-Ghanem Advocates and Legal Consultants is keen on selecting the best and distinguished legal experts in order to provide the top-class legal service to all our esteemed clients through our full and absolute belief in diversification in competencies which reflects a specialized and distinct legal environment with the aim to ensure the best and professional service provided to our clients.

Asma Muftah Al-Ghanem

Word from the Founding Director

We have focused in Asma Muftah Al-Ghanem Advocates and Legal Consultants to make our approach to gain the trust of clients and provide them with the best legal services.
God has blessed us with his grace through the discipline and orderliness of those who work in our office, patience, persuasion ability, and belief in continuous development, through following up on laws and their amendments, and everything new in the legal field.
We realized the importance of working as a team and its cohesion, through the work of lawyers and consultants in a work environment full of sincerity and dedication. We are fully confident that the successes we are achieving today are only thanks to God first, and then the efforts of the dedicated team in work, as well as the trust of our valued customers.
We have been able to move forward with confident steps towards the future with our distinctive strategies, which give us the motivation to make effort and work on continuous development to reach our goals that we have always set in mind.

Our team

The best distinguished legal cadres


Assad Abdelati AlAssad

General Manager


Isam El-Nayer

Senior Associate


Said Mustafa

Senior Associate


Mohamed Tawfik

Senior Associate


Ibrahim Fahmi Fadhl

Senior Associate


Mustafa Jumaa



Omar Abdel Qader



Mohammad Shawqi


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